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CafeBar Vesuvio - restauracja i pizzeria

31-021 Kraków
ul. Floriańska 38
tel. 12 422 35 55
tel. 12 431 14 18
fax 12 431 23 85
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The Vesuvio restaurant -- pizzeria -- lobby bar is located in a 16th century tenement house in the centre of Krakow at 38 Florianska street. It is situated on two air-conditioned levels -- the ground floor and the Renaissance cellars.

Apart from a wide variety of pizzas made in a wood-fired oven, we also offer other Italian and Polish specialties, as well as grilled fish and meat.

Florianska street is a part of the "Royal Road" - leading from florian's gate to the residence of polish kings - The Wawel Castle. The street was arranged in the 13th c. and its name hasn't changed for over 700 years. At the beginning, houses on Florianska were being built in gothic style and later the were reconstructed in reinessance or boroco styles.This house was built in the 16th c. and for a long time was in possesion of important cracow citizens, mainly innkeepers. The house is named "głowińska", like the name of the 17th c owner - Andrzej Głowa. A few hundreds years ago the entrance was situatd at the present basemant level, the floor of the staircase and the stairs were made of limestone. The house was purchased by the lithuanian nobleman Piotr Bianchi in the 18th c. During that he added the storey. A complet restoration was done between 1838-40 by Wincenty Kolaciński. In 1897 the staircase and the front facade were rearranged by the next owner - Dr Gustaw Nowak. Today, after another complete restoration and modernization apartments were adapted for hotel use and an italian house style restaurant now resides in the medieval cellars.

Enjoy your visit in this historical building.

* Vesuvio is an ideal place both for private, intimate meetings and for large groups
* We accept catering orders
* We offer free wireless Internet access




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